We have been a pioneer in the field of Automatic refrigeration and Automatic chilled water systems for over five decades. We offer an outstanding combination of thoughtful design and cutting-edge technology in our chillers. (Industrial cooling solutions) In large-scale industrial production processes, precise temperature control will ensure success and efficiency, and we intend to deliver just the same. Fully automatic chilling plants.

Our company manufacturers in Mumbai specialize in providing fully automatic chilling plants for industrial and commercial use.

The Need for Automation

  • To address the shortage of manpower

  • To monitor real-time plant capacity and energy consumption trends

  • To increase efficiency by making the plant run at optimum parameters

  • To maximize equipment life

  • To manage data logging of various parameter such as temperature, pressure, etc

  • To implement service alerts

  • To enable remote monitoring of operations with SCADA and IOT

  • To reduce maintenance costs

Ultra Low Charge Ammonia System

  • Reduces refrigerant charge up to 80%

  • Performance improvements and higher efficiency

  • Offers safety assurance

  • Limits the risk in an event of an accidental release of ammonia

Benefits of Using Ammonia As a Refrigerant

  • Provides high-efficiency

  • Has superior thermodynamic properties

  • Exceptional performance under varying temperatures

  • Zero global warming and ozone depletion potential

  • Easily detected in case of leakage

Benefits Of Singhsons Refrigeration Plant

  • Maximum efficiency

  • Superior reliability

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interfaces

  • Low maintenance and life cycle costs

  • Factory-tested

  • Multiple refrigerant options

  • Temperature options ranging from

  • -85°C to +15°C