Tube Ice

Our Tube Ice Machines are specialized in designing and manufacturing everything from a single tube ice machine to a complete turnkey tube ice plant with an ice production capacity range of 5 Tons/Day to 200 Tons/ Day or more. We have installed and started-up tube ice plants for various industries like chemical companies, concrete companies, food processing companies, fisheries, poultry-processing, meat plants etc.


  • Highly efficient consumes less power.
  • Lesser space required for production.
  • Ice Produced in batches of 20-25 minutes.
  • Minimum Maintenance and does not require any replacement parts for a long period.
  • Investment lower than Block Ice Plant.
  • Easy delivery through screw conveyers.
  • Can be sold in any packed quantity for any use.


  • Tube ice dimensions: ø22, ø29, ø32, ø35 mm
  • Inner Hole: ø5 – 10 mm
  • Length: 25 – 50 mm
  • Simple and Robust Design.
  • No requirement of skilled workers.
  • High durability, minimum maintenance.
  • Energy Efficient.