Plate Freezers

Freezing into blocks is an effective economical method of preserving, handling transporting and storing perishable products. Horizontal Plate Freezer in one easy operation, ideal for freezing fish, offal’s, fruit puree, fish fillets, shrimp and vegetables. Products are simply placed into horizontal pockets between the aluminum freezing plates. After freezing, the blocks can be unloaded manually or mechanically onto pallets or a conveyor system and within minutes the whole processing cycle can begin again.

The product to be frozen is loaded into the station in cartons or trays, the freezing plates then closed hydraulically, thus ensuring double contact, both on the top and bottom of the product. A rapid, efficient and even freeze is thus achieved, resulting in low freezing costs per kilogram of product weight. Throughout the freeze, contact between the plates and product is maintained by Pre-set hydraulic Pressure. Plates of any size to suit specific requirements can be fabricated.

  • High Product Quality due to the rapid low temperature freezing maintains the natural quality with an improved product appearance.
  • High Freezing Efficiency : The freezers operate at low temperatures even down to -40 Deg C. The horizontal plate close on to the packages or trays ensuring a complete top and bottom contact resulting in low freezing time.
  • Package Uniformity : Double contact plate freezing results in a flat uniform which is easy for over wrapping thus assuring excellent product appearance.
  • Weight Loss Reduction Because the product is sealed between the freezing plates, weight loss is not a problem which is associated with air blast freezing.
  • Large freezing capacity in a small floor space