Blast Freezer

Blast freezing is a method of quickly cooling food to a lower temperature that is not favorable for bacterial growth. Bacteria multiply the fastest between +8 °C and +68 °C. By reducing the temperature of food below 3 °C or below within 90 minutes, the food is rendered safe for storage and later consumption. Aside from the integrity, quality and taste of the food, blast freezing also offers a health and safety benefit in that extreme cold slows down the growth of bacteria. This benefit to food safety is one of the reasons why blast freezing is very popular in commercial food preparation areas, as it greatly reduces the risk to customers and consumers.

A blast freezer may also be known as a shock freezer. Such freezers are intended to rapidly bring the temperature of foods down, freezing them extremely quickly. These specialized freezers are used in the frozen food industry for everything from ice cream to meat.

When you freeze food (or anything else for that matter) the water inside crystallizes into ice. The longer the freezing process takes, the larger the ice crystals. Larger ice crystals damage materials by causing phenomena like cell bursting, which affects quality and flavor of foods. Rapid freezing causes the crystals formed to be very small, which does less damage and preserves food at a higher quality. Even more usefully, once the food is “blast frozen” it can be moved into a normal freezer for longer term storage – as long as this one stays cold enough for the food to stay frozen, of course.

We offer Blast Freezers in both Ammonia and Freon Options. We have executed projects in which we achieve core temperature of -35 °C in Chicken within 6 hours.

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Designed to freeze a wide range of product thickness.
  • Batch loading of product in trays, cartons & frames
  • Air Contact freezing – by ensuring High Airflow
  • Capacity from 500 kg to 10000 kg.